12 Man Saints Put 60 On Salford

St helens would be forced to play 45 minutes with 12 men after a Matty Lees red card, that wouldn't stop Saints racking up 11 tries in their victory over the Salford Red Devils.

Salford would put theselves under early pressure, Junior Sa'u not playing the ball correctly and giving Saints possession on the Salford 40, Saints sending the ball through the hands and Tommy Makinson getting on the overlap from a Ben Barba pass to give Saints the lead after 4 minutes, the wind carrying Richardson's kick away from the sticks.

Salford would get the ball back from the kick off, Jake Shorrocks kick too challenging for Zeb Taia as the Saints second rower was forced into touch. Junior Sa'u from the resulting possession came close to making up for his mistake, taking a short flat ball at the line and only pulled up around 2 metres shy of the line.

St Helens would strike again 10 minutes later, Lomax hoisting a high kick which Makinson would leap highest to claim before drawing the attention of Niall Evalds and offloading to Dominique Peyroux crossing under the posts untouched, Richardson converting from straight in front 10-0 after 14 minutes.

Saints would go back to back, a flash line move would set away speed demon, Regan Grace, using his pace to break free and offloading for Ben Barba to score under the posts and give St Helens a 16-0 lead after Richardson's kick.

Salford would do themselves no favours, a penalty for a ball steal on just the second tackle. Saints would march downfield and on the 5th tackle a teasing grubber would be spilled by Niall Evalds and give Saints 6 more tackles just 10 metres out. Peyroux would force his way over the line but stern defence would keep him out.

Saints would get another set of six after Craig Kopczak would give away a penalty for offside, the attacking was relentless and a Ben Barba grubeer would lead to a fourth successive St Helens attacking set. The inevitable would happen on tackle 3, Saints attacking Salford's left edge and Ryan Morgan would muscle his way over to give Saints their 4th try in 22 minutes of play, Richardson converting from the wing despite the heavy wind.

Salford's first penalty of the game would come after 25 minutes, Saints offside at the play the ball then a Ryan Morgan flop would set Salford up on the Saints 10. After 3 plays Salford would get their reward for their efforts, Tyrone McCarthy taking a short ball on an angled run just 5 metres out and shrugging off two Saints defenders to give Salford their first points of the games, Shorrocks kicking the goal, 22-6 after 29 minutes.

St Helens ramped up the intensity in both attack and defence, Jonny Lomax unable to ground a bobbling Theo Fages grubber saw Salford survive another Saints attack but the warning shot from Justin Holbrook's men resonating with Salford as they would go 80 metres downfield and trap Ben Barba in goal after a searching Josh Wood chip and chase.

Salford from the resulting possession would be the masters of their downfall, getting too excited and throwing multiple offloads before Ben Barba picked one out the air and pinned the ears back pursued by 4 Salford chasers, Barba too quick and grounding to finish a 95 metre run, Richardson converting and Saints leading 28-6 4 minutes prior to halftime.

Saints looked to have gone back to back once more, Niall Evalds collecting a high before being ankle tapped by Tommy Makinson, the ball coming out and a Saints man grounding the ball. Lees cleaning out Evalds with a swinging arm and leaving the Salford fullback in a bad way, the video referee confirming that contact with the head and Saints going from checking for a potential try to Matty Lees seeing a red card and no try, Evalds forced from the field for a HIA.

Being down to 12 men wouldn't stop Saints from scoring, Regan Grace grounding in acrobatic style, a sweeping line move would put the Welsh international into the corner on the stroke of halftime, Richardson slipping as he took his kick and missing to give Saints a 32-6 lead at the halfway mark.

Salford would confirm that Niall Evalds would miss the second half, Jake Shorrocks moved to fullback for the next 40 minutes.

Salford would make a bright start to the second half, back to back penalties would set them up on the Saints 20 metre line, Salford coming up with the error through a Kopczak play the ball error and Saints 12 man defensive line holding firm.

Jake Shorrocks would be put under the high ball, the make-shift fullback unable to take a towering kick from Saints and they would launch their next assault on the Salford line with 6 more tackles. Saints once more using the width of the pitch and Regan Grace once more flipping into the corner for his sixth try of the season, Richardson kicking from the wing to give Saints a 38-6 lead after 55 minutes.

Saints would go back to back, Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook making a 50 metre break before a quick play the ball set away Zeb Taia before a catch and draw to Mark Percival scored their 8th try of the night to make it 42-6.

A teasing Danny Richardson grubber would put Ben Barba over for his first hat-trick in 2017, beating the fullback to the ball and grounding it, Richardson kicking the extras to give Saints a 48-6 lead with 19 minutes left to play.

Junior Sa'u would get himself a Monday appointment with the Monday judiciary panel after what can only be described as a dropping shoulder on a grounded player, a yellow card shown and both sides now back to 12 a side, Zeb Taia dropping the ball close to the line and giving Salford the let off.

The only thing that would stop Saints from scoring again was themselves, Morgan with the initial break and a short pass to Peyroux and Peyroux passing forward to Richardson and the whistle blown before the Saints halfback could ground the ball. Salford on the other hand would run out of turf as Jake Bibby would search for the corner and only find Regan Grace and co.

Ben Barba would have to be carried from the field on a stretcher in a neck brace after a bad landing from an ankle tap, Barba clearly in discomfort after the tackle.

Theo Fages would put Saints up over the 50 point mark, a sliding line move would create a gap and back himself to the line from 20 metres out to score a great try, Danny Richardson once more kicking the goal to make it 54-6 with 5 minutes left.

Ryan Morgan would grab his second from a free flowing move, Makinson attacking down the right hand side before chipping over and Morgan collecting on the full to give Saints their 11th try of the night, Richardson kicking the goal to ensure Saints hit 60 points for the second week running.

Salford would get a late consolation try through Kris Welham to see the game finish up 60-10.



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