Would a trade period work?

We all know rugby league is a business and a players careers can go anywhere from one game too north of 300.

In that space of time most players have two things on their mind how many premierships can I win and how much money can I make.

Chances are if a player has a successful career he hasn't just stayed at one club, whether he's been persuaded to leave due to his thoughts of a club and its chance of winning a premiership or someone simply does what the godfather best said "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"

This brings me to my point of this article, Angus Crichton has announced that he will not be playing for the South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2019. A ball hasn't been kicked in the 2018 NRL premiership season yet South Sydney already know they are losing one of their best and up and coming players.

Right or wrong I've already seen South fans having a go at Angus and the club itself for not sealing him long term, as a fan it would be hard to cheer for a bloke that your club has made knowing that he doesn't want to be there the following season.

Since Crichton's announcement we have also had Jack Cogger and Tyronne Peachy sign on for a new club before round 1.

These signings have definitely received mix messages from the fans at the players current clubs.

Add to those movements we've had players such as Matt Moylan, Moses Suli and Bryce Cartwright who have left not even half way through long term contracts, Hayne leaving the Titans with a year to go on his contract, Blake Green being released early, along with Mitchell Pearce, James Graham and in the last few days Hingano from the Warriors also being released just to name a few.

We all know it's called "The Silly Season" for a reason, but with what seems to be more and more moves during the pre-season is it time the NRL step it up and create some type of trade period, possibly one during the off season and another mid season.



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