Time For Golden Point To Go?

Post the Wests Tigers vs Brisbane Broncos match many questions were asked as to whether Golden Point should still be a prominent fixture within Rugby League. Gus Gould stating "no team should have to lose a game like that".

There are obviously pros and cons of keeping Golden Point, one of which is both sides playing for the win rather than settling for the draw. Some teams in the UK, where the draw is still an option will see the clock run out and happily walk away with the point.

I'm a huge fan of Golden Point, it brings real tension and drama to the table, knowing that one team will walk away with a win guaranteed makes every game a must win. It's one of the few interesting features that remains within the domestic game.
In all honesty I think that Golden Point became the scapegoat of a larger issue within the Tigers Broncos match, poor decision making from the referees, the head referee openly stating that the penalty that gave the Broncos the win should never have been awarded.

This instead brought us to the question of whether Golden Point should remain in the NRL, instead of questions being asked of the officials. I honestly hope that Golden Point will be a part of the game for years to come and I would happily see it introduced into Super League.



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