Rovers Pick Apart Woeful Giants

It wouldn’t take the Giants long to hit the front foot, just 7 minutes into the game, Brough forcing a goal line drop out, from there the Giants would give young winger Oliver Roberts space on the fringe to glide into the corner from a well orchestrated line move, Brough adding th extras to give the Giants a dream start.

Huddersfield continued to pile on the pressure, the Robins lucky to gather a high kick from Brough after Quinlan would allow it to bounce, however, Rovers would get a penalty just two tackles later putting Hull within 30 metres of the Giants line, a beautiful set play would see exciting young talent Andrew Heffernan turn 3 players inside out and cross 15 metres to the right off the posts, Ryan Shaw more than happy to add the extras.

The wind was well and truly in Hull’s sails, from the kick off, making 60 metres off their first 4 tackles before Hefferman found himself on the outside shoulder of his opposite man, selling the dummy and forcing the Giants winger wide before a simple draw and pass put fullback Adam Quinlan under the posts, Ryan Shaw once more on the mark to put KR out to a 6 point lead after 15 minutes.

Huddersfield were not out to make life easy for themselves, from the kick off Mose Masoe was awarded a penalty for Hinchcliffe working his arm in the tackle, once more giving Hull field position and 6 more tackles, from there the game would descend into an arm wrestle for field position. Once more the Giants would do themselves no favours after being awarded a penalty on their own 10 metre line, Ferguson then knocking on just 2 tackles into the set inviting the high-spirited Robins to attack once more.

Mistakes were quickly becoming a common theme of Huddersfield’s game, knocking on just 10 metres from the Robins line with tackles to spare, once more alleviating the pressure on their opposition as Thomas Minns quickly picked up the ball and made 30 metres, Hull now attacking a broken and tiring defensive line. From the break the Robins would have a decision referred upstairs, the try not given and instead a goal line dropout was awarded.

Just two tackles into the set, Ryan Hinchcliffe would give away another penalty, Rovers happy to take the two points on offer close to the half to give them a lead of 14 points to 6. With 5 minutes to the half an uncharacteristic mistake 20 metres from his own line saw Jermaine McGilvary put Huddersfield once more on defensive duties. Rovers taking full advantage as Adam Quinlan would grubber for the corner for Ryan Shaw to dive on, Shaw would go 4/4 from the touchline to make the score 20-6 going into the half.

Huddersfield would start the second half as they ended the first, giving away a cheap penalty and giving the Robins yet more field position, the Rovers would turn the ball over 5 metres from the Giants line forcing them to attack from deep. Huddersfield would get a penalty for a high shot by Andrew Heffernan 20 metres from their own line, the Giants unable to turn field position into points.

Huddersfield would force two consecutive goal line drop outs from shallow grubbers into the in goal area, wave after wave of attack would force Adam Quinlan to knock on attempting to collect a Lee Gaskell grubber, Paul Clough would force his way over the line only for Greenwood to out muscle him and hold him up over the line, a penalty giving Huddersfield more tackles, until Brough would drop the ball on the first, the Giants having 20 consecutive plays and coming away with no points.

On the hour mark Brough would poke his nose through the line to be pulled up 10 metres out, throwing an offload from the deck, a Hull KR arm would give Huddersfield 6 to go, however, Huddersfield would once more squander possession by giving away a penalty for obstruction. Huddersfield would tare Hull KR to ribbons only for a Danny Brough kick to be picked off by Hull KR prop Robbie Mulhern to race 80 metres getting rid of; Danny Brough, Jermaine McGilvary and Jordan Rankin to then eventually offload to James Greenwood to score after being ankle tapped, Ryan Shaw maintaining his 100% record off the boot to take the score to 26-6.

Hull would once more come down the right edge, Heffernan splitting the defence with a perfect line from 40 metres out before once more drawing the fullback to put wing partner Ryan Shaw in for his 3rd try of the game, Shaw maintaining his perfect kick record for the night and sending the score to 32-6.

With 2 minutes left to play, Super League's record try scorer would grab a first try for his new club, Ryan Shaw finding space out wide, feeding inside for Quinlan who would quickly offload to McGuire to go under the sticks, Shaw converting for the 7th time.

Final Score 38-6

Man Of The Match Rob Mulhern.


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