Round 3 Supercoach Studs and Duds

Round three of the NRL Premiership has come and gone, and for over 100,000 Supercoach players, the game has quite possibly broken us. Thousands of Supercoaches have spent hours trying to sort their teams, picking the right balance of guns, cheapies and points of differences to get as many vital points as possible. We had a ton of guns live up to their status, a few min-rangers surprise us all, and a few injuries destroy head-to-head games. Here, we will look at 3 studs and 3 duds of the NRL Supercoach round and see who impressed, as well as who failed.


Gareth Widdow - 173 Points (St George, 5/8, $749,200)

The third highest score in the history of the game, a man of the match performance and he is was still a point of difference last week. Coaches are breaking the bank and their teams to try and get Widdop in. He scored once himself, but the impressive part was the 5 try assists that he had to go with his 2 line breaks and 3 line break assists. Again, his base stats were pretty average, but who needs those when you can go and set up 5 tries against the Titans? I'll slide Tim Lafai, Matt Dufty and Ben Hunt in here too, with all 4 scoring the big ton. 

Robert Jennings - 147 Points (South Sydney, CTW, $442,400)

Interesting statistic to start this one off, Rob Jennings and Michael Jennings both scored their first hat-trick in the same game (their 21st). There's 51 of Jennings' points there, but crucially he had 38 in pure base stats. Those are pretty close to Nofoaluma/Mansour type numbers, and very few wingers put those kinds of stats out. Richie Kennar has been the main winger for the Bunnies, but Jennings is starting to come into his own now. 

Coen Hess - 114 Points (North Queensland, 2RF/FRF, $564,800)

The Cowboys second rower has always been one to watch when the Cowboys are close to the line and he proved that once again over the weekend. Hess went over for 2 tries, 3 line breaks and he had 18 points in tackle busts (9 total). His base stats weren't amazing (43, and -8 for errors/penalties), but he is one to be on the lookout for in the next few weeks.


Mitchell Moses - 11 Points (Parramatta, 5/8|HLF, $384,500)

Here is Chumpie's advice for the week if you have this man in your halves. SELL. You can not afford to have this man in your 25, playing or not playing. He was credited with 22 tackles, 7 missed, a missed goal and an error. That's it. No hit-ups, no attacking stats. He is projected to lose another 60k this week, so you need to sell him this week before he becomes someone you can't sell.

James Tedesco - 20 Points (Sydney, FLB, $581,500)

In a game in which Sydney put 38 on a hapless Newcastle team, James Tedesco only scored 20 points. There were a few times where he got close to breaking the line and scoring, but he didn't. -8 in errors didn't help our cause here, as the wet weather played a part in his score. In saying that, those who are selling need to remember what happened last time he played poorly... he came back and scored 110+ the next week. Use those trades wisely, as he is a set and forget. 

Akuila Uate - 5 Points (Manly, CTW, $354,400)

5 points. 80 minutes. How? Once again, how does someone actually score 5 points in 80 minutes? 6 hit ups, 4 tackles, a tackle bust, 5 missed tackles and 2 errors. That's a poor performance on the field, and an even worse performance on the supercoach field. Never, ever buy him. Okay? Okay. 



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