On Field Decision: Keep Or Ditch?

The on field decision has become a large talking point in recent weeks in both Super League and the NRL, so what's the need for it?

For those that are unaware, a referee will make a decision on field of try or no try, it's then the video referees job to prove or disprove that the decision is the right one, the decision can only be overturned if the video referee is 100% sure that their is evidence to do so, i.e a foot in touch, or clear knock on.

The on field decision seems to tie the hands of the video referee to an extent as they then have to have definitive evidence that the try can't be given if it is sent upstairs as a try. The problem I have with this is that the referee sent it to the video referee as they themselves are not absolutely sure, in which case should every decision not go upstairs as a try?

This does give benefit of the doubt to the attacking team but, then each try is sent for review with the statement "is there any reason I can't award this try" rather than the current "I think it's a try but can you double check it".

This personally is my view on the situation as from time to time I feel referees have preferences to what they send decisions upstairs as, leaving the possibility of error and controversy very high, a decision some referees will send up as a try whereas others no try, I guess as a Rugby League fan all I really want is consistency.



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