5 Supercoach PODs for Round 4

It's Thursday, which means that the players are getting ready for their games this weekend and Supercoach players are frantically trading to get the edge in their leagues. It's pretty early to be thinking about the players that we could see as point of differences (PODs), but it may be of help with a lot of teams having the same players to start the season off with. There's a few players this week who could just amount to brilliant POD's for players, so let's have a look at the 5 potential PODs for round 3 of the Supercoach season.

1. Matthew Eisenhuth - 51.0 average (Wests Tigers, 0.6% ownership, $496,500)

The Tigers forward has had a really good start to the season, averaging pretty close to a point a minute during the first three weeks with absolutely no attacking stats to his name. His price is a little off-putting, however he is projected to score in the 50s for a good chunk of the season and if he continues to play 60-odd minutes a week, he will eventually knock up a few tries to skyrocket his points. He comes up against a Parramatta team leaking points, so don't be afraid to bring him in.

2. Dylan Edwards - 61.0 average (Penrith, 1.0% ownership, $525,300)

The Panthers fullback has one of the best workrates in terms of base stats out of anyone in the position so far this year. Edwards is a tackle buster for days, and his lowest score this year was a 44 full of pure base stats. He plays against the Cowboys this week, averaging a 53 and his next two games after that include Parramatta and the Titans. He is a genuine POD for the season, especially if you have the money to upgrade Watson out of FLB or 5/8 if you have the option for a dual position swap.

3. Junior Paulo - 64.3 average (Canberra, 3.1% ownership, $496,400)

The Canberra forward has been incredible despite the 0-3 record for the Raiders, racking up a 1.6 PPM average over the first three weeks. He has two try assists and a try to him name over the first few weeks, which inevitably means that these points should drop. His schedule over the next few weeks though might mean that he can keep it up, with Manly, Parramatta and the Bulldogs in the immediate future. 

4. Elliot Whitehead - 78.3 average (Canberra, 4.0% ownership, $540,100)

One of the PODs that was brought up on this weeks new RLATG Supercoach Podcast, Elliot Whitehead has been scoring tries like a winger should be, with 4 tries in the first 3 games. He, just like Paulo, has the favorable schedule coming up and with quite a few guns failing over the first few weeks (Paul Gallen, anyone?), he could be the man to bring in. A break even of 5 means you need to bring him in this week if you want to get him before he is too expensive.

5. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - 92.0 average (Warriors, 7% ownership, $612,300)

Amazingly, the Warriors fullback is only owned by 7% of teams despite his average and the fact that he is the best scoring fullback over the first three rounds. He is definitely back to his razzle-dazzle best after ACL surgery, more than happy to hop and step away from the defense of his opponents. He came into ChumpieChamps this week, as heard on the Supercoach podcast and if you have the money, he is a straight upgrade from Watson at fullback. 



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