Code Hopping - The Great Taboo

Josh Charnley's return to Rugby League really highlighted the divide between the two codes, an extreme dislike shown to those who dare to cross the threshold.

The phrase "just chasing the money" and "thought he was too big for the sport" were two things that I saw quite often. Fans extremely unforgiving and highly critical of player's who are deemed to be "crawling back" after deciding their future does not exist in Rugby Union.

"just chasing the money" - Let's put a hypothetical spin on the situation to make it more relatable, someone from another company approaches you and says "I want to offer you a job that's near identical to your current role, but it's twice as much money and at a larger more recognised company". Anyone in their right mind is going to take that offer.

That is not the player's fault, it's a short-coming of the sport and we will continue to lose some of our best to Union until we can match what they are offering player's, that's not greed, it's basic economics, highest bidder wins.

"too big for the sport" - this is a pure call of bitterness, acting like the scorned partner of a cheater, if someone walks away from Rugby League it's their perogative to do so, likewise if they choose to come back, it shouldn't become a weapon if they for whatever reason decide a return is the best thing.

Hopefully we don't lose any more of Rugby League's emerging talents to Rugby Union, however, if we do then surely questions need to be asked as to why this is becoming such a frequent occurrence.



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