Broncos vs Cowboys Review

The Brisbane Broncos defeated the North Queensland Cowboys 24-20

Game Review:

In what was hyped as the game of the round it did not disappoint for the most part. The Cowboys struck early with a deflected kick saw Jordan McLean go over for his first career try. Not long after that the Cowboys got a penalty in front which saw Johnathan Thurston extend the lead out to 8-0.

10 minutes later the Broncos struck back with a try decision awarded through the Bunker with inefficient evidence to over turn a possible tackle which would have held up Tevita Pangai Junior. All of this came off the back of a brilliant hit by Broncos Centre Jordan Kahu which saw him leave the game with a broken jaw and a few teeth knocked out. No word as of yet how he is doing.

 Not much longer after this the Broncos struck again with a mid field bomb put up into the in-goal area in which Cowboys Fullback Ben Hampton decided to let bounce instead of taking the catch which resulted in a favorable bounce for the home side seeing Alex Glenn cross over.

The Broncos next try had all sorts of question marks all over it with the pass to Corey Oates traveling close to 2 meters forward. The Broncos played to the whistle which saw the home side cross again. This made the score 18-8 in favor of the Broncos.

We were at a deadlock for the next while with neither side able to capitalize on field position until a brilliant short ball from Johnathan Thurston put Gavin Cooper over to score under the posts. This brought the game back within 4 points for the visitors until not long after a solid run from James Roberts saw him cut through the Cowboys defence with Kodi Nikorima on the end of a pass to score under the posts.

The Broncos didn't have much time to relax however with the Cowboys firing straight back with Jake Granville scoring only 3 minutes later. This game did not let the fans down with entertainment with the Cowboys looking to have punched through the Broncos defence with 2 minutes to go however a tackle from Pangai Junior saw Scott Bolton run into the post which forced the ball lose.

Congratulations go out to both teams for an impressive performance.

My Player of the Game: Tavita Pangai Junior.

Scoring Timeline:


18' Tevita Pangai Junior (Try)
19' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
23' Tom Opacic (Try)
24' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
27' Alex Glenn (Try)
28' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)
67' Kodi Nikorima (Try)
68' Jamayne Isaako (Conversion)

2' Jordan McLean (Try)
4' Johnathan Thurston (Conversion)
8' Johnathan Thurston (Penalty Goal)
59' Gavin Cooper (Try)
61' Johnathan Thurston (Conversion)
70' Jake Granville (Try)
71'  Johnathan Thurston (Conversion)

-  Fewy


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