5 Supercoach PODs for Round 3

It's Thursday, which means that the players are getting ready for their games this weekend and Supercoach players are frantically trading to get the edge in their leagues. It's pretty early to be thinking about the players that we could see as point of differences (PODs), but it may be of help with a lot of teams having the same players to start the season off with. There's a few players this week who could just amount to brilliant POD's for players, so let's have a look at the 5 potential PODs for round 3 of the Supercoach season.

1. Ryan Matterson (Sydney, 0.8% ownership, $421,800)

Matterson has always been a solid player considering his minutes on the field, bu his first two weeks this year have been great for the thousand or so coaches with him. Last week, he had 60 points in pure base stats along with a try and a line break. In round 1, he had 57 points from just 58 minutes. Matterson is named to start for the Roosters this week on the edge, with Aubusson named on the bench. A breakeven of -3 will also ensure that unless the forward gets sent off very early on, he will be making cash; so this makes sense.

2. Apisai Koroisau (Manly, 3.0% ownership, $515,500)

The Manly hooker has been great, with a ton of base stats to go with a few attacking stats. Koroisau had a try and a try assist to go with about 50 in base stats, while he managed 60 odd in base stats during round one. He has been the forgotten man at hooker, with Cam Smith and Damien Cook taking the majority of the spots in teams, but an average of 83 is something to have a sneaky look at.

3. Gareth Widdop (St George, 7.2% ownership, $647,900)

Everyone is jumping on the Shaun Johnson rollercoaster, which leaves Gareth Widdop as a sneaky POD for round 3 and beyond. Widdop has a better run of games through to round 12 with the Dragons, and he has been the main playmaker. A  massive ton started him off in round 1, while he scored a solid 64 last week. This week he has the Gold Coast Titans, who can leak points on a whim. He is expensive and on the higher end of a POD, but it is worth it.

4. Esan Marsters (Wests Tigers, 1.3% ownership, $473,100)

The Tigers have quite a few that are sneaky PODs for this week, but I am going with the centre who will be kicking goals in the absence of Tui Lolohea. Marsters has averaged 68.5 over the last two weeks and crucially, that has come without a try or a try assist. He has had 5 effective offloads in both games, and some okay base stats for a centre. Thompson is in the question,as well as being cheaper, but the opportunities here are endless if Marsters keeps kicking. 

5. Tevita Pangai Jr (Brisbane, 5.5% ownership, $338,300)

How this guy has not been picked up by more teams absolutely stuns me. This may change with the news that Paul Gallen is out of the Cronulla game this weekend, but Pangai has been the best forward for the Broncos. He scored 57 in 46 minutes against St George and a whopping 71 against a strong Cowboys team in just 40 minutes. That second score has a try and a line break, but he still is scoring at over a point per minute with that taken away. You have to love that, and you have to have him in. 



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