Widnes Vikings 2018 Preview

Widnes struggled through 2017, inconsistency and poor performance blighting their year, the Vikings picking up just 2 wins in their first 15 games, they were never going to make it back from there.

Widnes suffered plenty of injuries to key players throughout the season, plus losing Rangi Chase to a failed drug test, it was up to the younger players in the Vikings ranks to steer them to safety, credit where credit is due. To be honest Widnes look like they have got some fantastic talent coming through their ranks.

New Boys: Stanton Albert, Wellington Albert, Krisnan Inu, Sam Wilde and Kato Ottio (RIP number 18.)

Losses: Chris Bridge, Jack Buchanan, Eamon O'Carroll and Corey Thompson.

Corey Thompson is the obvious massive loss to the Widnes ranks, as the Vikings top scorer last season, how Widnes adapt to his departure will be crucial to their chances of finishing outside the bottom 4 in 2018.

The Vikings recruitment drive has mainly consisted of bringing in forwards, a tactic I'm not 100% clear on, most of Widnes' problems arose from losing key players in their back line, the forwards was an area that they had the least of their concerns, if injuries strike again, Widnes are in deep strife.

The recruitment of Krisnan Inu is a very good decision, he's a player that has been on the Rugby League circuit for a while now and he is going to help bring through some of the young talent. Inu is also a very good player, he's slowing down now due to age and injury, but if the Vikings keep him fit in 2018, Inu will be a pivotal part of their season.

Widnes have made margial improvements to their squad coming into the 2018 season, without adding any depth, which is why I'm struggling to see where they will come in Super League, if they stay injury free, they may, and this is a very slim may, make it into the 8, however I believe they still have a long way to go causing me to believe it's a bottom 4 finish this season, potentially 9th at best.



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