The Reasons Behind Moses Suli's Release

The Tigers have today announced the decision to release Moses Suli from his contract.

The Tigers releasing Suli due to his overall attitude and effort, both with and away from the club. We have also obtained information from an anonymous source who witnessed the incident that the Tigers winger was "ejected from a Sydney bar".

Combine this with yet another failed physical, and you are dealing with a player that becomes too much for a club to handle, however we now understand that Suli will sign a 3 year contract with the Bulldogs.

Let's hope that the Dogs can pull the 19 year-old out of this downward spiral, his weight recently has sky rocketed to a tremendous 130 KG in comparison to the 110 KG he previously tipped the scale at.

I sincerely hope that Suli does get back on the straight and narrow, before we end up with another incredible talent wasted in similar fashion to Dave Taylor.



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