RLATG Division 2: Round 2 Round Up

Another fantastic weekend of Rugby League in the RLATG National Division 2. Two great games to review, so let's take a look.

Liguanea Dragons vs Duhaney Red Sharks

The Sharks bolstered their title chances further with a win over the Liguanea Dragons, Jenson Morris and Jermaine Pinnock grabbing two tries each. Stephan Lounds and Daniel Graham crossing once for the Sharks, Roy Calvert kicking 4 out of 5 times. Adrian Hall added to his points total for the season by grabbing himself two tries, Rageem McLean, Klifton Anderson and Matthew-Earl Whitmore also making the scoresheet with one a piece. The kicking unfortunately would make the difference between the two sides a lot larger, Adrian Hall only able to convert 2 of 4 and Rageem McLean missing his one attempt. Final score Sharks 34 Dragons 24.

 Kingston Central Hounds vs CMU Spartans

The Spartans were unable to make a stop to the Hounds very promising start to the season, the Hounds now 2 wins from 2 after seeing off CMU on Saturday. Wolcock Hyde, Stephan Williams and Shamol Stewart all bagged 1 try each with Stephan Williams putting 1 kick over the sticks. The Hounds look like a force to be reckoned with, Kahil Green stomping his authority on this fixture with two tries, to go with the contribution of a try each from Mahkaya Anderson, Lawrence Drummond and Derone Davis, Anthony Findlay converting just 1 off the kicks to give the Hounds a 22-14 victory.

Tournament Leaders

Leading Try Scorers
1. Stephan Lounds - Sharks - 3 Tries
2. Delano Jarrett - CMU, Oshane Eddie - Hounds, Mahkaya Anderson - Hounds, Demetrius Cambell - Dragons 
Jermaine Pinnock - Sharks
Jenson Morris - Sharks
Adrian Hall -  Dragons 
Kahil Green -  Hounds, are all on 2 tries

Leading Kickers
1.Adrian Hall - Dragons - 5 Conversions 
2. Roy Calvert -  Sharks - 4 Conversions 
3. Stephan Williams -  CMU - 3 Conversions 



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