Remembering Sonny Fai

Today marks 9 years to the day since the tragic incident that would cause 20 year-old Sonny Fai to lose his life.

Fai and his family were enjoying a day at the beach when one of his siblings got into difficulties off the coast of Bethells Beach, Sonny went into the sea in an effort to rescue the struggling family member.

Sonny's rescue efforts saved his then 13 year-old brothers life, but would unfortunately cost him his.

Tragically Sonny wouldn't return to the shore, eye witness accounts saying they saw the young Warriors star "swept out to sea"after being overcome by waves and caught in the riptide. Sonny's body was never found, forcing the coroner to rule his cause of death as drowning due to circumstantial evidence. Sonny was and always will be a hero for his actions on that faithful day.

This is an unfortunate reminder of just how dangerous the sea can be, Sonny was a very strong, able bodied and physically fit 20 year-old, yet the Sea was still too much for him. Please remember to stay safe when playing in the sea and if you see somebody struggling, notify the local coastguard immediately. 



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