Premier Deal Unfair On Championship Teams

Premier Sports have come under fire recently after it has been revealed that Championship squads will be forced to allow filming  of Toronto games at their grounds, while receiving no revenue from the deal.

Premier Sports signed a TV deal that would see Toronto receive payment for allowing the station to air all of their Championship games, this is the latest show of preferential treatment, after Championship clubs were told they would receive no TV deal for the Qualifiers.

Championship sides are in dismay over the latest decision enforced upon them by the RFL, all in the effort to sell Toronto as much as possible, before their eventual step into Super League.

I understand that the deal was not made with other clubs and it was struck individually with Toronto, but for clubs to be forced to facilitate this, all while receiving no payment or conceivable benefits from this deal is a step too far.

As mentioned before, the cooperation with the deal is mandatory, so once more the competition is over a barrel. In my personal opinion, deals of this nature are counterproductive to the development of the game overall, and should not be a part of the game.



  1. A disgrace and typical own goal again from the RFL clowns...


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