Ottio Sacrificed Career For Country

It was revealed yesterday in Kato Ottio's funeral that he knocked back an offer from St George to play for PNG in the World Cup.

During the ceremony Kato Ottio's brother stated that one of the conditions of the contract that Dragons offered the 23 year-old was corrective surgery to fully heal the knee affected by an ACL injury.

Ottio sustained the ACL injury and it would require surgery, the Dragons acknowledged that this could be a potential problem and told him that he was to miss the World Cup and focus on 2018 with the St George-Illawarra..

In the touching speech, he went on to say that Kato's dream was always to play in front of thousands of people and represent his country, he chased this dream and fulfilled it with the Kumuls in the World Cup.

Congratulations Kato Ottio on achieving the goals you set out to achieve, may you rest easy in the knowledge of that.



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