Johnstone Eyes International Call For Scotland Or Germany

Tom Johnstone has publicly made himself available to Germany and Scotland for the upcoming World Cup qualifying games. 

Johnstone is of Scottish ancestry, born to English parents, in Germany, so it's safe to say his options are wide open. 

The 22 year-old Wakefield winger even stated that he would have played in the World Cup if asked.

The details emerged in an interview on a Podcast with Talksport 2, Johnstone stating " If they’d have come and spoke to me, I could potentially have gone with either of them, yes".

Johnstone of course sustained a terrible season ending ACL injury in early 2017, since then he has made appearances in Wakefield's trial matches and seems to have recovered well, with this in mind, maybe the World Cup wouldn't have been the best idea.

Either way it's great to see him back on the field and I look forward to seeing him on the international stage, regardless of the country he decides to go with.



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