Hull Kingston Rovers 2018 Preview

Hull Kingston Rovers make their eagerly awaited return to Super League in 2018, that's going to make this preview a little different to the others, but let's get into it.

I'm fearful of how the Robins will cope in 2018 to be frank and honest, the teams below them and above them have reinforced their ranks, but the Rovers come into the new season with a near identical team that saw them relegated.

New Boys: Mose Masoe, Danny Mcguire, Thibault Franck, Will Dagger and Tommy Lee.

Losses: Zach Dockar-clay, Ben Cockayne, Greame Horne, Jamie Ellis, Mitch Clark, Will Jubb and Jordan Abdull.

The immediate problem I see looking at the Hull Kingston Rovers squad is inexperience, which I'm fully aware is a crazy statement to make a club with Danny Mcguire, Shaun Lunt, Adam Quinlan and Maurice Blair in, but the amount of young players the Robins will rely on is slightly unnerving. The average age of the squad is 23.

The more seasoned players are going to have to step up to the support this bunch of talented youngsters, the likes of; Justin Carney, Danny Addy, Danny Mcguire and Shaun Lunt will be key to this, they are all players that have had successful careers so far, success in this case being based on playing at a high level frequently.

While the Rovers have plenty of up and coming talents in their ranks, when you're in your first season back amongst the elite, the focus has to be driven towards one season at a time, so while these players could be superstars in 2 to 3 years time, that won't keep you up this season. Based on this rational, the Robins are almost certainly missing the 8 this season, putting them in a battle to avoid the drop.



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