Huddersfield Giants 2018 Preview

Huddersfield endured a mediocre year in 2017, scraping their way into the 8, avoiding the qualifiers for what would've been a second year on the bounce. A very slow start would eventually be what limited their table position, picking up just 2 wins in their first 11 fixtures.

The Giants made a late surge in 2017, that will be their building block for the new season, alongside the boost of Jermaine Mcgilvary's Golden Boot nomination and impressive World Cup campaign.

New Boys: Jordan Rankin, Adam Walne and Jordan Turner.

Losses: Jamie Ellis, Nathan Mason and Sam Rapira.

Huddersfield have had a very quiet off season, next to no recruitment drive and retained most of their current squad. This can be interpreted in one of two ways, option 1, Huddersfield are happy, based on the second half of the season performance, that they are able to push for a top 4 finish.

The second assumption that can be drawn from this, is that, Huddersfield as a club are happy to be languishing on the edge of the leading pack, I sincerely hope that this is not the case.

One thing that will cause the Giants a real headache in 2018 will be injuries, injuries are a problem for every club, but usually the depth is there to cover them, looking at the Giants 2018 roster I struggle to see where the cover for the output of the likes of ; Mamo, Mcgilvary and Danny Brough is going to come from.

Obviously when a first choice player is injured or unavailable, the insinuation of this is that a good player, likely of slightly lower talent, will plug that gap. Yes the Giants have Gene Ormsby who is tried and tested as a utility at Super League level, as is Jordan Rankin, but in my honest opinion that is insufficient cover.

Looking at the talent the Giants have in their squad, I'm definitely predicting that they make the 8 as they are, most likely with a highest finish of 6th. If they do pick up the knocks to their star boys though, I'm saying they are likely to be fighting for 8th, or could end up in the qualifiers.



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