Hayne & Benji: Is Going Back The Best Idea?

2018 will be a hopeful story of building bridges for Jarryd Hayne and Benji Marshall, as they look to recapture the hearts of the fans of their respective clubs.

Both players left their clubs as big names to pursue personal goals, Hayne's in the NFL and Benji's in Union, both failed to really make an impression and would return to the NRL for different clubs.

Marshall would join the St George-Illawarra Dragons, playing over 50 games for the Red V, before a 1 year stint with the Broncos. Hayne however would have a turbulent ride with the Titans for 18 months, before his sudden exit in December 2017, however they have one thing in common, both players were unable to return to the form that they left with.

2018 however brings new opportunities in very familiar surroundings, but there is just one problem, and that is that the expectations the fans have are a very tall order, both players were game changers before they left, producing moments of brilliance when required.

People are going to expect the same again from their former talismans', so should they have left it in the past? In my personal opinion, yes, I'm not saying that going back will ruin their previous hard work, but I am saying that it could certainly harm their previous experiences with the club, admittedly Benji less so.

I doubt Marshall's legacy is in jeopardy after all he has done for the Tigers, but their are definitely high expectations of him in 2018. Hayne is a whole different story, he has a lot of making up to do with the Eels, 2018 could be his first and last chance to right his wrongs with the club that helped him pave his way.

We will have to wait and see whether this was the right decision for these two, immensely talented players.



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