Frank-Paul Staying?

It's starting to look more and more likely that the former New Zealand international will not be leaving the club.

News emerged from various outlets, last week, that Nu'uausala would be exiting the Warriors by as early as this week. This all came after the Western Suburbs coach, Matt Lantry, spoke to the Newcastle Herald, informing them that the Wigan man would be in training for his new club this week.

COPY CODE SNIPPET Surprisingly this statement has now been labelled as false by Wigan, stating the club has "No idea" about this supposed move and that he would not be leaving the club anytime soon, the coaching staff at Wigan went on to praise his attitude coming into the 2018 season.

So now we are presented with two options behing this story, option A. Matt Lantry fabricated the story and there never was a move in the works, or option B. Wigan refuse to let the former Kiwi international go and are now plotting an elaborate cover up.

Only the parties involved will truly know the full story, let's hope for the best outcome for all involved and we can move on from the Nu'uausala sage.



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