Clubs New Years Resolutions

The dawn of the new year always brings the same statements "new year new me" and "this year is my year" and it's no different for Rugby League, a new year with new players brings new opportunities. Here are what we think are each clubs' 2018 resolution.

Broncos - Start As You Mean To Go On

To say Brisbane got off to a slow start in 2017 would be nothing short of a massive understatement, yes they had a very tough opening 6 rounds, however if Brisbane are serious about ending their title drought, scapegoating the fixture list is not the way to convey this message, start strong and finish strong will be very high up Wayne Bennett's agenda.

Raiders - Get In Shape

It's been widely reported that as many as 4 first team regulars had enjoyed the off season a little bit too much, so much so, that Jarrod Croker had to have a conversation with the playing group about the excess weight now in their locker room.

Tigers - No More Losing Talent

2017 saw a mass exodus of talent over at the Tigers, this clearly effected the squad, leading to disruption amongst the players, inconsistent performances and even a mid season exit, the Tigers lost 3 huge players for the 2018 season, they have recruited really well though, they will be certainly wanting to retain talent, rather than replace.

Cowboys - Be More Ruthless

The Cowboys were the same quality side in 2017, that we have seen for many years with Thurston, without him though, they lacked a little something and it showed in the final, 2018 needs to be the year the Cowboys fine tune and add that finishing touch.

Eels - Learn To Forgive

The Eels fans and maybe even some of the players are still indifferent on the resigning of Hayne, especially with controversy following within less than a month, but if the Eels want to repeat last years fantastic season, they have to learn to put the past behind them.

Sharks - Be Like The Old Me

Cronulla were disappointed that they were unable to build on their sensational 2016 season, bowing out in the first week of the finals. Don't get me wrong, they were good in 2017, but the Sharks will be aiming for the form of 2016 for this year.

Rabbitohs - Silence The Neighbours

The Rabbitohs have been playing in the shadow of the Roosters since their 2014 Premiership winning season, causing the Roosters to have bragging rights, with the Roosters poaching one of the Rabbitohs best forwards, Souths will be wanting to keep the noisy neighbours quiet this year.

Roosters - No More Squandering Opportunities

The Roosters are odds on favourite to win the comp in 2018, they have failed to get their hands on the trophy since 2013,they have looked capable of winning, but lacked the killer blow, their new recruits will be what gives them their edge and best chance of winning, Bondi will be hoping 2018 is the year of the Rooster.

Panthers - Stand Up To Their Bullies

The Panthers struggled against the League's big boys, picking up plenty of wins against sides who would finish outside the 8, however, picking up just 2 wins against sides that would make the finals, in order for the Panthers to be successful in 2018, they will have to improve on this statistic.

Warriors - Fulfil Their Potential

The Warriors are a side that year after year, fail to do as well as they should, despite having the quality in the squad. The Rugby League World has pretty much written of the Warriors already, they will be certainly hoping to prove their doubters wrong.

Titans - Learn From Mistakes

The Titans 2017 season was something of a learning curve, players failing to perform, getting in trouble, further uncertainty over the clubs future. With new owners and a new head coach, the Titans will want to make this year a big one, even potentially mounting a finals push. They will hope to take the experience gained in 2017 and build on it in 2018.

Storm - Be Better Without Him

This resolution is usually that of a jilted partner, however in this case, it's the hope that the Storm can build a new legacy without their talismanic 7, who finds himself instead sleeping with the enemy.

Bulldogs - New Coach New Team

The writing had been on the wall for Des Hasler for a while at the Bulldogs, they will be hoping to reinvent themselves in the new year, with new coaching staff, new players and new ways of playing.

Manly - No More Controversy

Late in 2017 Manly were served with a notice that they had breached the cap, yet more ammunition to be used against a club, that is falling further down the popularity ladder. So Manly will hope that 2018 is more about what they do on the field, rather than off.

Knights - No More Spoons

Newcatsle's goal for 2018 is very simple, finish anywhere except 16th, it shouldn't be difficult with the quality recruitment for 2018, but ultimately this season is about players settling in and a Knights statement of intent for beyond 2018.

Dragons - Be Consistent

The Dragons choked in spectacular fashion last year, starting the season very well and then seeing everything go catastrophically wrong, the Dragons will hope to retain form all year round for 2018 and make the 8.


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