Cleary Reluctant To Commit To Panthers

Young sensation, Nathan Cleary, has said that he won't tie himself down with the Panthers just yet.

Speaking with on their podcast, Cleary stated "I just don't want anything to be set in stone, a year in footy is a really long time." Cleary admitted that the Panthers are keen to enter into negotiations now, despite the fact that he has two years left on his contract..

The obvious destination for the young halfback is the Tigers, with his father Ivan coaching them, however Cleary was quick to shrug off any speculation of a link up.

The Penrith Panthers man said that he would happy to sit down and discuss after the coming season "Once we get to the off-season I can sit down and see what is happening".

Cleary didn't provide the logic behind his reasoning and insisted that this was not about the money, all we know at the moment is that there will be a few nervous Penrith fans after this.



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