Can Salford Survive Without Koukash?

Salford and Marwan Koukash parted ways this year after 4 years of partnership. It's well documented that when Koukash took over the club back in 2013, the Manchester club was on the brink of administration and was threatened with liquidation.

Salford's issues began long before the super rich businessman took over the club, a lack of success and poor crowd attendance mainly the contributing factors of this. To have a Rugby League club in an area where football is such a dominant sport was always going to be a problem.

Koukash hoped his input would help to revive the club, immediately the club began to sign high profile Super League players from rival clubs and NRL talent from overseas. The club were tipped for big things in the 2013 season, unfortunately nothing was to come of it, Salford would finish bottom picking up just 6 wins all season.

We fast forward to the 2018 season, it's very much groundhog day for the club and it's supporters, they are left with financial uncertainty, crowd numbers are no better than they were and there is now an added threat, relegation.

Salford avoided the drop back in 2016 with some late Gareth O'brien heroics, but with Toronto joining the championship and Leigh looking to regain their Super League spot. If Salford do go down it could bring their unfortunate demise, they have lost a lot of players for the 2018 season and not brought many in, whether that is down to slow recruitment or money problems is yet to be seen.



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