2018 - The Year Of Women

While 2017 has certainly laid the ground work for Women's Rugby League, however 2018 will be the year the Women's game really takes off.

The NRL are still fine tuning their plans for the proposed 6 team competition, that they intend to set up, regardless of the fact it is not set up yet, the fact that this is in the works is huge for Women's Rugby League.

Over in the UK what was a 6 team competition last year, is set to expand; Leeds, Huddersfield, Wigan, Wakefield and St Helens have all held open trials for various age groups to help build their squad, all of which have been a huge success.

This growth has developed interest from other countries to develop the sport further. It's been predicted that the success of the Women's NRL could cause numbers of active female players to spike.

It's great to see Women's Rugby League becoming such a prominent part of the Rugby League expansion plan, the attention being drawn to the success of the Women's game will no doubt encourage other nations to follow suit.

Hopefully 2018 will bring plenty more success and development for Women's Rugby League.



  1. Welcome 2018 - The Year Of Women @Rugby League. Good for you WOMEN Good for RL.


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