Try Savers

Try savers are some of the most incredible sights in the game, they are also some of the most dramatic, none more so than Josh Dugan's ankle tap, that potentially won Australia the World Cup.

Kallum Watkins was clean through with just the fullback to beat, even if that fullback is Billy Slater, Watkins had a simple pass back on the inside or a 20 metre sprint to the line, before he had a chance to make his mind up, Dugan flies through the air clipping his ankle, saving a near certain try.

Try savers are the biggest what if moments of the sport, what if he was half a yard faster, what if he was an inch or two further in-field, the what ifs go on and on, and sometimes they are the difference between winning and losing.

I have grown up watching and experiencing Rugby League my entire life, but hand on heart that moment pictured above was the biggest rollercoaster of emotion I have been on with the sport. The initial joy of seeing Watkins break, the optimism of potentially seeing a try, the shock of seeing him stumbling, the despair of watching him hit the deck. All of that in the space of three seconds.

Regardless of whichever side you are backing, to go back and watch a tackle like that, it is a thing of beauty, a man's last despairing attempt at stopping the inevitable, and when it comes off, you feel the atmosphere in the stadium shift as everybody rides that rollercoaster with you.

To me, that is the best try-saver of all time, history has had great try-savers; Scott Sattler on Todd Byrne in the Grand Final, Danny Houghton on Ben Currie in the Challenge Cup Final and many more. Dugan's heroic ankle tap will be the best try saver for a long time in my head.


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