Top 5 World Cup Moments

Looking back on an amazing World cup, we take a look at the 5 best moments from the competition.

5. Ireland Stun Italy

Round 1 of the tournament is going to be one of the more likely spots to see an upset, however nobody could have predicted that Ireland would be the team to stun the world first. Ireland were at odds of 500/1 to win the World Cup and were widely predicted not to win a single game, it wasn't to be the case though, Ireland would beat Italy in more than convincing style, 36-12.

4. Tonga Down The Kiwi's

This was undoubtedly one of the games of the tournament, Tonga came into this fixture with so much belief that they could win this game, their belief was not unwarranted either. In a bruising affair, the Tongans would put the game to bed with two tries in the last two minutes, including a Tui Lolohea interception that would send the crowd into a frenzy.

3. Sipi Tau vs Sivi Tau

Waikato Stadium would absolutely rattle with the noise produced by both sets of fans, no more so than when the traditional pre-game war dances would be done, both sides performing at the same time had the packed crowd roaring, it truly was a site to behold and a fantastic advertisement for the game itself.

2. The 6 Point Final

Both sides were raring to go, both sides looked focus and my god both sides showed up. England looked like a side that were able to go toe to toe with the Australian's for the first time in a lot of years. If it wasn't for some desperate defence then England could've won it, Watkins denied by an ankle tap, Mcgilvary chased down after an interception, it was a real hearts in your mouth game to watch. England couldn't make it to the try line though and Australia would prevail.

1. Try-less Fiji vs New Zealand

Many people had predicted that this game would be close, nobody predicted that the game was going to be decided by penalties and penalties alone, in a nail biting spectacle for Rugby League, these two nations would keep each other try-less for the full 80 minutes. It was an incredibly exciting game to watch, there were moments that either side could've won the game, but Fiji would cause the upset in a 4-2 victory.


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