Tigers Captaincy Candidates

The Wests Tigers biggest signing for the 2018 season, Josh Reynolds has openly said he would relish the opportunity to become the Tigers' new leader.

Talking with Fox Sports about the upcoming season Reynolds said " I wouldn't say no" and "If it did arise and he (Cleary) asked me, I couldn't say no." when quizzed about the current captain vacancy over at the Tigers.

Reynolds would be a good fit for the role as captain, he is an incredibly; dedicated, talented and passionate player, he can lift the players around him with his creative flair.

Unfortunately for Reynolds there are other contenders for the role, we will take a look at who they are and the pros and cons that come with each player being given the nod.

Josh Reynolds:

Reynolds is going to be pivotal this season and in seasons to come, he is a very exciting player with a superb off the cuff playing style. His passion and drive is difficult to match, so he will be great for whipping up his troops in big games and crucial periods of games. Not to mention Reynolds is in contention to win back an Origin jersey, dependant on how he fairs Liue Tigers.

Pros: Passionate, experienced, 80 minute player, high energy.

Cons: Can get too excitable and cause errors, lack of leadership experience, can be shakey in high pressure situations

Benji Marshall:

Benji Marshall's name come up on this list for obvious reasons, he's a cult hero with the club, Premiership winner, World Cup winner and incredibly experienced. The only real problem I see with Marshall becoming captain, is the amount of game time he is going to get. Marshall has Brooks and Reynolds to compete with for a role in the halves.

Pros: Wealth of experience, cult hero, handles pressure well

Cons: Lack of potential game time, injury prone, not as high impact as he previously was.

Tui Lolohea:

Here's a name that not many expected to see crop up on a list of potential leaders, Lolohea has gone from shunned outcast, to key player in a good position and fantastic prospects. Similar to Reynolds he is ambitious and very creative but for now I feel he is too inexperienced to carry the work load of a captain.

Pros: Young and ambitious, 80 minute player, good control of a game.
Cons: Inexperienced, inconsistent at times, lack of ability to inspire others.

Based on the above evidence I believe Reynolds should be the captain, he has all the qualities of a leader, the Tigers should take his name into more than consideration.



  1. Elijah Taylor, Chris Lawrence and David Nofoaluma will be in line and in front of Benji and Tui. I agree, Reynolds will make a great captain but I think he will be appointed co captain with either ET or CL. I don't know how much gane time CL will get though. Tigs have a very decent pack for next year!


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