The World Cup Final Nobody Knew About

Many people around the UK would be forgiven if they didn't know England had made it to a major sporting final.

I sit at home pre-Rugby Union World Cup's flooded by promo after promo, advert after advert. I see the news and they are covering the Rugby Union again, Player Interviews, predictions, pundits, you name it the works. So why not the same coverage for League?

The BBC were tasked with the up selling of this sporting occasion and I can't help but feel let down, granted the time of some of the fixtures wasn't going to help matters, unless you truly care about something you aren't going to wake up early hours of a weekend.

The fact that England made it to a final could've been enough to inspire an entire generation to sign up and play, but down to the lack of British media coverage nobody, except people that already follow the game,  even knew we had made it.

Sky every now and again would run a feature piece but that was as close to actual coverage as we got, if England's Rugby Union had made it there however, it would have been absolutely everywhere, posters, adverts, news articles. I understand that League is still the less popular code, in England alone there are 1, 990, 988 players registered to play Union, compare that to the 248,645 League players and you start to get the full picture.

At the end of the day, if media platforms aren't even going to use a game like a World Cup final to promote the game, then quite simply they aren't going to promote it at all. Rugby League will grow larger eventually, but things like this certainly are going to lead to a slow growth.



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