The End Of An Era

Australia's big stars are now starting to wind down in the twilight of their careers. Cronk has now hung up his Australian boots, Thurston was before him, surely Smith and Slater are not too far behind them.

What does this mean for International Rugby League though? In losing Smith, Australia lose a player that can so dominantly control a game from behind the ruck, he can dictate the pace of a game at any moment depending on how he wants things to be.

In losing Slater, Australia say goodbye to one of, if not the best, fullbacks to play the game, he seemed to be on the end of everything, he appeared to be absolutely everywhere, whether it was in attack or in defence. He will be sorely missed in the 1 jersey for Australia.

This is undoubtedly all 3 of the players last World Cup, this means Australia have 4 years to come up with the next perfect formula, it will take a lot of time but they could find one.

Unfortunately for Australia a combination of players as influential as the "Melbourne Three" don't show up very often, great individuals come and go, but great teams are a near un-fillable void, I'm not saying Australia are going to struggle or compete or even win a World title for a while, what I am saying is that it isn't going to come as easy as it did before.

These greats make way for the next era of Kangaroos, whether or not they can replicate the greatness of their predecessors is yet to be seen.



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