Sam's Time

Sam Burgess has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, all be it under unfortunate circumstances, Burgess could become the first ever English captain to lift the World Cup.

News came from the England camp that skipper, Sean O'loughlin, had been ruled out of the final through injury. Bennett approached the South Sydney hitman, to see if he was up to the challenge, of course Burgess obliged.

2013 was a real heartbreaker for Burgess, being so close to a final and to have it so cruelly taken away, just moments from the full time siren.

When he picked up an injury in the first game of the tournament, it looked like he would miss his second World Cup through injury, he missed the 2008 World Cup too down to a shoulder injury.

Burgess' injury was supposed to see him sit out the rest of the tournament, by some miracle though, the big man would return to the England starting line up.

In 2015 Burgess tried his hand at Rugby Union, Burgess was blamed by many as one of the reasons the England team failed to produce.

England's semi-final against Tonga must have felt very de ja vu in the last few minutes, Burgess will have seen Shaun Johnson's step at the line all over again, however this time it wasn't to spoil the occasion.

Burgess has been given something that not many players get, a chance for personal redemption and closure, a chance to see his name be echoed throughout English Rugby League history.

2008 is done, 2013 is a healing wound, 2015 was an experience. It's now up to Burgess how he ends 2017, everything riding on inspiring his brothers in white to a victory.



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