Manly, What Happens Next?

The news that Manly have breached the salary cap in a number of seasons broke today, when things like this happen people immediately want to know what is the repercussions.

The Sea Eagles are most likely not going to be docked points, they will however face fines and sanctions.

The reason Manly are not likely to be docked points, is because the findings have been made in the off-season, meaning they have a chance to fix things before they impact their 2018 season.

The Sea Eagles haven't got to pay back any prize money, as during the time they were over the cap, they didn't win any competitions.

At worst, Manly may be forced to ditch some of their rotation players, in an effort to comply with the salary cap. With this in mind though, Manly may struggle to bring in a new halfback, with them releasing Blake Green just weeks ago.

So to summarise, unlikely to lose any big names, most likely to face a fine, highly unlikely to be docked points and very likely to lose a couple of fringe players.



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