Manly CEO Makes Official Statement

Manly CEO, Lyall Gorman, has spoken out in regards to the alleged cap breach by the Northern Beaches club. 

He immediately went on the defensive, saying "Based on our legal team's preliminary review, there is disagreement with several of the NRL findings and consistent with our rights under the NRL rules and regulations have commenced a path of legal review and response."

"As we have consistently stated, if there are historical compliance issues, we will work both internally and with the NRL to identify those issues and remedy them.
"There is a significant amount of material to work through, based on the documentation handed to us today and the club will be defending those matters through the appropriate channels.
"Whilst the normal breach notice protocol is five days to respond, the club will be seeking an extension to ensure we can deliver a robust response to the allegations."
We will bring you more as this all unfolds. 


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