Jamaica's Rugby League - Year In Review

We caught up with our new partners Jamaica earlier in the week to see just how far Rugby League has come on in the last 12 months.

Speaking with the Director of The Jamaica Rugby League Association, Romeo Monteith, he had lots of positive things to say about 2017 and some exciting news for 2018.

Speaking to Romeo about some of the biggest achievements in 2017 for Jamaica, he had this to say "2017 was another momentous year for us. Certainly, gaining a high ranking of 13th in the world was a major highlight, however, playing our first international in Jamaica against Canada and actually winning, was the biggest highlight."

"Finally, our players gave our rugby league community the joy of watching them play. Playing France in Perpignan was also fantastic. Domestically, our U19 high school competition was phenomenal with the majority of the games being close encounters, an indication of improvements across the board on skill level at the junior level."

We then asked him about the growth of Rugby League on the Island, there was growth along with a few casualties saying  " The game is pretty stable right now, player numbers and teams have remained around the same over the last 2-3 years."

"We did lose a team each from our University competition and the Division 1 scene, however , all other teams remaining strong and vibrant . We ran 3 adult competitions (University (6 teams), Div 2 (4 teams) and Division 1 (7 teams) and 3 junior age groups (U14s ( 5 teams) , U16s ( 10 teams) and U19s (  8 teams). "

We then got chatting about the upcoming year, and the the exciting things coming up. "2018 will be more of the same , we will aim, to consolidate and maintain our current activity levels. We expect to add a few new teams to our junior program and we might attempt to introduce women rugby league, however, that is dependent on sourcing funding."

"We will look to play a few internationals , hopefully between 2 to 4 as has been our average.  Our biggest challenge is we have no field for rugby on the island . Had we a field, our activities would probably go up by 50 percent in two years.".

Finally, Romeo told us about a few exciting games and events to look out for in the next couple of months."Our Parish of Residence game in May will see the best players out against each other, this will be very exciting and the series usually draws several hundred people." Parish Of Residence is the Jamaican equivalent of State Of Origin, it's a fierce encounter and is always a close encounter.

"We are also planning an U19 Tour to Canada, again funding is being sought for this exciting project."



  1. Seems like we need a fundraiser for a field.


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