Titans Assess Their Options

The Gold Coast Titans seem oddly prepared for the departure of Jarryd Hayne, almost as if they had seen this coming.

The Titans announced, in a press conference today, that Hayne would leave the club effective immediately. Coach Garth Brennan spoke briefly about his options for a replacement, after all he is now sitting on a sizeable war chest, however Brennan hasn't gone straight for the option of buying in talent.

The Titans coach said "I want to look within the Gold Coast area locally, there might be an 18 year old superstar fullback on our doorstep and if I go and sign another marquee fullback we sort of block that kids pathway."

It's clear to see the Titans have learnt from their mistakes, and refuse to rush a decision that will have such a big impact on the club. When Hayne signed, back in 2015, it was a frenzy to get the returning superstar on the roster due to so much interest from other clubs.

Garth Brennan may be in his rookie year as a coach but he is showing great maturity in such a big situation. Brennan did name drop a few of his current roster, the likes of; Phillip Sami, Tyrone Roberts-Davis, Dan Sarginson and Brendan Elliott, all getting a mention as potential candidates.

He went on to say "There's guys in that roster that are more than capable of doing a job for me at fullback. Will they do it as good as Jarryd? We don't know yet."

Usually when a club loses a big name, they will descend into panic buying, it's great to see Gold Coast taking their time.



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