Tier 1 Nations To Fork Out For Minnows

After Tonga beat New Zealand this weekend, Tongan coach Kristian Woolf unloaded on the international league bosses over the gap in financial support between Tier 1 Nations and the rest of the competition.

He went on to say New Zealand and Australia players earn around $20,000 dollars per test match, compared to the $500 his Tongan players earn per test. This clearly struck a chord with the board and now there are plans to level the playing field.

This means Australia, England and New Zealand would have to take pay cuts, and agree to them, in order to have every team in the quarterfinals earning as much as the other. As earlier stated though, everyone would have to agree to this.

I personally think that it would be a great idea for the game, just imagine how much the Rugby League communities of Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Tonga and many more could benefit with extra backing and funding. I know that the funding goes directly to the players but the community spirit that is ingrained in the afore mentioned teams, will surely see the players give back to the areas around them.

By doing this we will gradually see better sides fielded year after year, this will make for a more entertaining World Cup which will attract more fans, which will generate more income into the game.

The way I see it is this, these players are all doing the same job, granted some at a higher quality than others, meaning they should be payed as much as everyone else. By keeping things the way they are, teams will struggle to grow meaning that we will constantly see the teams reach the same points of the competition to eventually see the same winners crowned, essentially keeping the little guy down.

So many of these players talk about "being proud to wear the jersey" or "doing it for their country" if that truly is the case, then surely the super rich in the game can make a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.



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