The Emerging Nations Cup

Regardless of who wins the World Cup, the biggest headlines will be pointing towards the nations that people dubbed were "there to make up the numbers".

Before the World Cup had even started there was a lot of talk about how "The competition was dead" and "the same teams will make up the finalists". I personally can't wait for the next World Cup, it is finally becoming a competition again, rather than a 4 year obligation.

Tonga were the first team to put their hands up to take on the Rugby League big hitters, claiming a historic win over New Zealand. The Kiwi's never recovered from this loss and would lose again a week later, this time to Fiji.

Lebanon put in some incredible performances, none more so than their quarterfinal game against Tonga. Lebanon were expected to lose this game anyway, but the performance they put on was nothing short of a Rugby League classic in the making. Unfortunately for the Lebanese side they were unable to find another 2 points to tie the game up.

These three teams may not be quite ready to take Australia's crown just yet, however what a difference 4 years makes to a team, the development of these sides and more international teams in years to come has got to be the definitive answer to the question "what's the point of the World Cup?"



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