Referees Boss Archer Defends The No Try Call

The head of the Referee's, Tony Archer, has publicly defended match official, Matt Ceccin's controversial decision in Tonga's semi-final match up against England. 

Archer weighed in on the touchy subject saying "The decision is correct for me and that is he’s affecting a tackle and there was no indicator he was stealing the ball,”
“It’s a loose carry, knock on, the referee called it on field. Whitehead’s tackle didn’t meet the criteria of a strip because he didn’t attempt to steal the ball."
If two officials have now come out saying that after review the try shouldn't stand that should surely put the matter to bed. Many people have been especially critical of the fact that the matter was not referred to the video referee. 
Unfortunately a large portion of these people, are the same people that complain that referees are too reliant on the bunker and video referees. Hindsight is always 20/20 and in hindsight the correct ruling was made. 


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