Pearce Sparking Sharks Re-shuffle

Details of Pearce's contract demand have come out in the last few hours, it's understood that Pearce has asked for $1 million a year contract if he is to sign with the Knights, due to the club being in a rebuild process rather than being title contenders.

The former Roosters halfback met with management from the Sharks, and is willing to take a $150,000 wage deficit in comparison to a Knight's contract, meaning he would sign a contract worth $850,000 a season instead as he feels the Sharks could be strong contenders for the title.

The implications to the squad would be massive, this would likely see Moylan ousted from the halves and back to fullback, a move he will be none too pleased with, Dugan would be forced into the centres and Holmes to the wing. Pearce and Townsend would then be the halves for the Sharks.

It has the potential to upset a few stars, Dugan wanted the 1 jersey and would now be forced into the centre, a position he has openly stated is not his desired role. Moylan moved from Penrith as he wanted a chance to play in the halves, and now he could be forced back into the role that he escaped from with the Panthers.

Pearce is expected to announce his new club at the end of this week.



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