Hayne Walks Out On Titans

According to reports within the Gold Coast Titans camp, Jarryd Hayne has disclosed details of his intentions for 2018.

Hayne has spent the last few weeks denying he will be leaving the Titans, however it has now come to light that the Fijian international has officially asked for release from his contract.

The contract itself had another year before expiry, but Hayne has decided he doesn't want to wait that long, if you believe everything you hear, then Hayne is an Eel for 2018 on a 1 year contract worth an estimated $500,000 a year. Nothing is official on his next move yet.

Speculation began pre-World Cup, when Hayne met with his agent and requested that he look at clubs in and around Sydney, so his client could be closer to family.

Hayne is accused of holding out on telling the Titans, in fear of losing the $90,000 a month holiday payments for the months of November and December, it now seems that due to such intense speculation Hayne has had to come clean. The Titans have assured Hayne that the money is his regardless of the move.

An official statement is yet to be made by either party as yet, but one thing we do know is that Jarryd Hayne is not a Titan in 2018.



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