Bennett, Mind Games Or No Confidence?

Wayne Bennett has openly stated that he believes his England team don't have what it takes to beat Australia in the World Cup final. The comments have been heavily Scrutinized by many in the Rugby League world, with many questioning whether this is his genuine belief, or head games from the England coach.

Wade Graham and Matt Gillett have both come out recently saying that Bennett is playing games, Gillett said "it's probably mind games. Anyone on their day can pull off a win. They will prepare well and worry what they have to do. He will probably say something different behind closed doors. That's the way Wayne's done it his whole career. Heplays those little games and they are all part of Rugby League." Many people are certain that this is simply head games from the Brisbane and England coach.

Bennett said before the opening game of the World Cup that he would "be happy with a narrow loss to Australia." This statement is part of what is fueling the fire behind the stories of Bennett giving his vote of no confidence in his squad, if this truly is the case, then England fans dislike to the coach is fully warranted.

Many fans have openly criticized the veteran coach for his statements and his squad selection, say what you like, the super coach has done something that coaches for 22 years have been unable to do, and that is take England to the World Cup final. The public downplaying of England's chances to me look a lot Bennett settling pre-final nerves in the squad by lowering expectations publicly and getting in the head of their Australian counterparts.



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