A Second Halfback Swap?

Are we set to see a second player swap in the space of one off season. When the news broke at the beginning of the week, that Mitchell Pearce had been granted immediate release from the remainder of his contract, with the Sydney Roosters, a media frenzy of guesswork and speculation ensued.

Pearce looked odds on to be signing for Manly, with the Sea Eagles releasing Blake Green, less than an hour after the news surrounding Pearce's situation in Sydney had broke. The next team on the rumour mill would be Newcastle, with a picture of a "contract signing" taking place behind the scenes.

The latest news seems to be the most bizarre yet, with Cronk leaving Melbourne, that obviously frees up a place in the squad for another halfback. Cameron Munster, or highly regarded up and comer Ryley Jacks, would have been the most obvious heir to Cronk's famous number 7 Melbourne jersey. This doesn't appear to be the case though, news broke yesterday morning, that the Storm are stepping up their pursuit of Mitchell Pearce. This would see Cronk go one way, and Pearce go the other way.

Matt Moylan and James Maloney swapped positions and shirts earlier this month, in a move that was strange to say the least, are we set to see it happen all over again for a second time, all be it in slightly different circumstances. Of course right now everything coming out is purely speculation, Pearce is holding his cards close to his chest, and it's wise of him to do so. If he plays the field right, he could see himself on the receiving end of a decent money contract, for a top 6 team in the NRL. As to when his decision will actually be made, who knows.



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