Marquee Players.

With the Roosters finally announcing Rugby League's worst kept secret, their signing of Cooper Cronk, a lot of people have asked questions as to how the Roosters can afford the talent under their cap. Signing Cronk on $1 million a year for two seasons and Tedesco on a contract reportedly worth in excess of $700,000 a year. This means with a salary cap of $9.4 Million a year the rest of the Roosters roster has $7.6 Million to divide between the rest of the team. This may sound a lot but with high profile players such as; Mitchell Pearce, Latrell Mitchell, Daniel Tupou and many more still with The Chooks, this really doesn't work out as much per player.

This article is not an inquest into the so called "Salary Sombrero" many fans claim other teams have, but instead a re-assessment of the salary cap. For example, hence the name of the article, the marquee player ruling. This ruling could be something that could work in the NRL, Super League introduced the marquee player ruling back in 2016. This ruling states that 1 player's salary does not go towards the salary cap, instead the club pays the player directly the amount agreed in the contract, ensuring and evidencing that they can afford to pay the specified amount.

This was brought in to attract high profile players and make Super League more competitive as a whole. If every team has one real game changer in their squad, matches become more entertaining, clubs benefit through merchandise sales and it makes for an all round better competition. I am a fan of the marquee player ruling and think it encourages teams to stick within the salary cap as they don't have to play outside the rules to buy in top players. For example, Sydney take on Cronk as the marquee player at $1 million a season, this then means they have a remainder of $9.4 million in the cap to attract new talent or resign existing players.

Overall I feel this will help to put cap cheating allegations a little further back in people's minds, but then again, everyone is a critic in Rugby League. Until player's contracts are public access information, which is something I don't support, every year people will continue to dispute whether or not certain teams are playing within the limitations of the rules.



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